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🎬 Create Your First Project#

DataDistillr is organized around the concept of projects. DataDistillr projects are intended to serve as a container for all the pieces that go into creating value from data. Within a project you can store datasets, queries, project notes, documentation, visualizations, and much more. You can even chat with your colleagues in real time.

But first, you'll have to create a project. To create your first project, click on the Create Project button at the top of the screen.

Create a project

Once you've done that, the Create Project screens will walk you through creating your first project.

Name Your Project#

After creating your project you will be taken to the screen below to name your project. Enter the project name and an optional description. Optionally, you can pick an icon and icon color.

Create Your First Project

Once you've done that, click next and you'll learn how to connect your data to DataDistillr.