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Passing Parameters#

Now that you've learned how to connect DataDistillr to an API to query external data sources, let's take it to the next level and learn how to pass parameters to the API directly in the query. Depending on your API, these parameters can either be passed as part of the URL or as query parameters. Let's first look at parameters in the URL, and for that, we'll use the GitHub API which is available here:

Parameters in the URL Path#

Many APIs will require you to specify arguments that are part of the URL path. For our example, we will retrieve an organization's list of public projects. GitHub's API docs provide a base URL for all API calls of In the API docs, there is an explanation as to how to query an organization's projects ( As you can see, GitHub specifies that the path is:


If we wanted to see the Apache Foundation's projects, we could thus, create a URL of, and we would get that data. If you wanted that to be static, you could just use that URL, but what if you wanted to be able to query an arbitrary organization?

To do that, simply follow the instructions on the previous page to set up a connection to GitHub, add an endpoint called projects and use the URL:{org}/projects in Endpoint URL field in your configuration, as shown below.

Github Project Example Configuration

Once you have done this, you could execute the following query to retrieve the Apache Foundation's projects:

FROM github.projects
WHERE org='apache'

As you can see, including WHERE org='apache' in the query passes that parameter into the API when the data is retrieved. You can specify as many parameters as you want as long as the name in the curly braces is unique for each parameter.


When you include URL path parameters in your API endpoint, your queries will fail if you do not include them in the query WHERE clause. Additionally, these filters must only be equality filters.

Specifying a Default Value for URL Path Parameter#

You can specify a default parameter in the URL parameter as shown here:{org=apache}/projects. If you do not include a WHERE clause in a query, apache will be passed in the URL.

Passing Parameters as URL Query Options#

In addition to passing parameters in the URL, you can also pass parameters as part of the URL string. Sometimes these are mandatory, sometimes not, but regardless, you can configure DataDistillr to pass these parameters in your API queries. As an example, we will use the an API for calculating sunrise/sunset times which can be found here:

As an example, the URL below allows you to specify the latitude, longitude, and date for which you want the sunrise/sunset times.\&lng=-4.4203400\&date=2021-12-17

You can see that the parameters lat, lng and date. When configuring your API endpoint, simply add the required parameters to the section labelled Required Parameters and any optional parameters to the Optional Parameters to that section.

For our sunrise example, you would add the parameters as shown in the screen shot below:

Adding Parameters to API Configuration

Once you've added these parameters, you can pass these parameters in query as shown below:

FROM api.sunrise
WHERE lat=36.723 AND lng=-4.420

You can combine parameters with the AND operator, but these queries will fail with an OR operator. Also, with query parameters, you can only pass equality parameters. Parameters with any other comparison operator will fail.