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Connecting to APIs and External Data#

One of DataDistillr's most powerful features is the ability to connect to external data sources. Many organizations make data accessible via API, however querying APIs with SQL can be complicated. The good news is that you can configure DataDistillr can query nearly all APIs, but it does require some understanding of both the API you are querying and how DataDistillr works. These documents will walk you through all the possibilities for configuring DataDistillr to query your API, from the simplist to most complex.

Considerations with Remote Data

When querying remote data, be sure to comply with the data source owner's terms of service. Users found to be violating 3rd party terms of service will have their remote connections removed.

Dealing with Latency Concerns

If you have a remote data source that you are repeatedly querying, and the data is not changing, we encourage you to save this data to your DataDistillr account. Your queries will return faster, and you will not be subject to any 3rd party's bandwidth restrictions.

What You Need#

In order to connect to any API, you will need the following information, which should be in your API documentation:

Minimum Information#

  • The connection URL
  • The request type. This will be either GET or POST.
  • What kind of data the API returns. We currently support JSON, CSV and XML.

Optional Information#

  • Authentication information: If your API uses token based authentication (OAuth2), there are several additional fields which you will need to configure so that we can obtain the tokens.
  • Access credentials: Alternatively, if your API uses basic authentication, you will need to supply your username and password.
  • API Parameters: Often APIs will have parameters which can be included as part of the API request. DataDistillr can translate your SQL queries so that these variables are included in the request. It is not always necessary to do so, but it will result in faster execution.

APIs we Support#

We currently support the following APIs with forms built out to make the connection process as easy as possible. If your API is not on the list below, you may use the Custom API form to connect to your API or contact us for assistance.

DataDistillr currently supports:

Happy Distilling!