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Connecting to is a serverless Postgres database which is available at

From a usage perspective, querying is exactly like querying a Postgres database from DataDistillr.

Configuring DataDistllr to Connect to

After creating a database on, click on the connect icon at the top of the screen: Connect

Next, you'll need to get a few artifacts from the configuration. Specifically, you will need:

  • Your username
  • Your database name: Note that the database name is <user_name>/<db_name>
  • The password for your database. Connection Screen

Next, open DataDistillr, navigate to add datasources, then select Databases and then select

In this form, give your connection a name. In the Database Name field, fill out your database name.

Be Sure to Supply Your Complete Database Name

The database name must be in the format of /

Next, add your username and password for your database.

Make Sure You Use Your Database Password generates a password for each database. Be sure to use the database password and not your account password.

DataDistillr Connection Screen

Once you are done, save your settings and you should be ready to query data from!