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Connecting Databases#

Relational Databases#

DataDistillr can connect to a wide variety of commonly used relational databases. DataDistillr uses JDBC as the connection mechanism, so if there is a particular database or other source that has a JDBC driver, and it is not listed as a source that we support, please email our support team and we can add it.

DataDistillr currently supports:

  • - Serverless Postgres
  • BitQuery
  • Elasticsearch
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • MSSQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • Snowflake
  • Splunk

... and more coming soon! You can request a database by emailing our support team

The connection procedure for relational databases is essentially the same for most relational databases. You will need:

  • A unique name for your database connection to be used in queries
  • The hostname and port for your database
  • Your access credentials
  • Any other configuration variables needed to connect

Adding Your Relational Database#

Starting from the Data Sources page as shown below, click Add a new database datasource. Data Sources main page

You will see a selection of databases as shown below. Select the database you are connecting to DataDistillr.

Add a new data source to DataDistillr

After selecting a database type, you will see a form similar to the one below. Fill out the fields and click Save to connect the relational database to DataDistillr. The example below is for a MySQL database.

MySQL Connection Form

Next, you'll need to link your data source to your project.