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Connecting to Veriphone#

First Steps with Veriphone#

Set up an account with Veriphone.


This is a paid API.

Rate Limits

This API does not have known rate limits, but credits will be deducted from your account for API use.

How to Connect DataDistillr to Veriphone#

To set up a data source connection for Veriphone, you will need to have:

  • A unique name for your data source connection to be used in queries
  • An API token generated through your Veriphone account

Data Source Form#

To locate the Veriphone form, follow the steps in Connecting Your Data to DataDistillr. When you get to the window to choose the data source type, select API as shown below.

Data Source Wizard

On the API screen, select Veriphone from the list of API forms.

List of APIs

The following form will appear. Instructions are below on how to find the information required to fill each on the Veriphone API form.

Once you have filled out all the fields, press the green 'Save' button, and your API will be connected!

Veriphone Form


Enter any name that will help you recognize this data source within your query window.

Acceptable Characters Include

  • lowercase alphanumeric characters
  • underscores

API Key#

An API key is generated within your account page. The following steps will navigate you to its location. Once created, copy the key and enter it in the Veriphone form under 'API key'.

In your Veriphone dashboard, go to your account settings by clicking on the SETTINGS button or the blue button.

Home Page

Here you can reset your API token.



The table below shows a list of endpoints available to connect within the DataDistillr application. If you need to connect to any endpoints not listed in the table below, please use the Custom API Form.

Endpoint Required Optional Description
Verify phone default_country
Determines if a number is valid.
Example type
Returns an example (dummy) phone number for any country/phone-type combination.

The endpoints above will display as follows in the nav tree once your API has successfully connected.

Veriphone Endpoints

Sample Queries#

The following queries are intended to help you get started, and make life simpler querying within your API.

For the following examples, suppose that my Veriphone API data source was called myveriphoneapi and I want to query an endpoint. In the FROM clause, the endpoint goes after the Veriphone data source name.

FROM Clause

FROM `myveriphoneapi`.`<ENDPOINT>`


For valid numbers, it will also return the number's type (mobile, land line, toll free, etc...) the carrier and other fields as described in the output section bellow.

If the number does not start with a country prefix, indicated by a leading '+', the number will be checked against the default-country's numbering scheme. If no default-country is provided, a country will be inferred from the IP address originating the request.

FROM `myveriphoneapi`.`Verify`
WHERE `phone` = '5555555555' Limit 1000


The country and phone type are optional. If no country is specified , a country will be inferred from the IP address originating the request.

If no phone type is specified, 'mobile' will be used as default type

FROM `myveriphoneapi`.`Example`
WHERE `type` = 'mobile' LIMIT 1000