Product Overview
DataDistillr (DDR) is a unified platform that enables data-savvy professionals to connect to virtually any data source and query and/or join the data via SQL without requiring ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) support. The data may be relational, non-relational, flat-file, API-accessible, structured, unstructured, semi-structured, etc., and reside virtually anywhere whether on a local machine, in the cloud, or hybrid.
With DDR you can:
    Join & query datasets from any Database, API, or file, no matter where or how it's hosted
    Combine data of all forms using our built-in formatters. Never write the same function 100x again
    Query & analyze subsets of data without moving it. Get down to understanding in minutes, not days
    Immediately go from raw data to a queryable table w/o having to write code, just use SQL
    Query different data types & source systems using a common platform and language
    Collaboration between members of data science teams
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