Uploading Files
Using File Upload Directories in DataDistillr
If you have files on your desktop, or you want to upload individual files to DataDistillr, you can create a File Upload Directory in DataDistillr. You can create as many upload directories as you like and associate as many upload directories as you want with projects.
Add an Upload Directory
Next, fill out the name of your data source. Don't forget to select the icon color and icon! Once you're done with this step, click Save.
Upload Data Source Form
If didn't add this in the context of a project, don't forget that you will have to link the upload data source to your project.

Uploading Files

Once you have created an upload file data source is that is linked to a project, you can upload files directly to DataDistillr.When you close the window to create the data source, you will be taken to the view of file upload sources. From there, click on the down arrow and you will see an area to upload your files. You can simply drag and drop files or folders directly into DataDistillr.
DataDistillr will only allow you to upload files which DataDistillr can query. If you try to upload an unsupported file type, you will receive an error.
File Uploader
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